Recreation Rates

Bonnie Lake Boat Rentals Per 1/2 hour
Kiddie Paddle Boat $2.75
Knee Kayak $3.25
Canoe $3.25
Row Boat $3.25
Paddle Boat $4.00
Hidden Lake Boat Rentals Per 4 hrs
Row Boat
(*An additional refundable $5.00 deposit per boat on the lock and key is required)
Peddle Karts Per 1/2 hr
Single $3.50
Double $6.00
Mini Golf $2.50 per person
Wagon Ride free
Barrel Train Ride free
Happy Customers
Wilderness Campground is the greatest place to camp! We weekend camped here for about 8 years, then we were seasonal campers for 10 years. Now we are back to weekend camping and find ourselves returning to Wilderness the most because it is the best in our opinion. There are (more)

Jon & Patti .